Stories woven through. Remembrance against despair. Let your charm serve you.

Would you love your Own Personal Charm made?

As I sit here at my desk amongst a pile of ‘stuff’, I look around and ask myself “Of all these things I see what holds most meaning and value to me?” My answer is easily arrived at. Those objects that have a story behind them or a connection to someone special. In short the things that invoke feelings and memories of something, someone or somewhere else.

When you go to a store and you buy an ornament or a piece of jewellery, do you buy for aesthetic value, or is there something more? Granted something that looks good to you will make you feel good and there is definite value in that.

  • But what if you could expand on that good feeling and employ these objects to do more for you than just looking good, matching your decor or your dress?
  • What if the next object you bring home is a direct response to a personal desire, a need to remember a strength or quality you have, or even the honouring of a loved one?
  • What if your connection to this object is deepened because you were part of its creation, through your sharing of your story, your expressions on paper or clay or movement?

That’s where I can help you by creating your Own Personal Charm. Following a one hour consultation in my studio we’ll bring this creation of yours into life.

For lots more information about what I can offer you follow the links.

If you don’t live in Melbourne but would still love to experience having your own charm made, don’t despair, I also offer my service using Skype




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