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The Wind- Herald of Change


The symbolism of the wind could be appropriate to use for feelings of boredom, being stuck, fear of change, or transitions in relationships or life paths.

How can we represent something that isn’t visible?

In the past the wind has sometimes been represented by wings or even a fan. A kite would also be a good choice to use, as flying a kite is an excellent way to ‘enjoy’ the experience of the wind. You could also meditate using a visualisation like mine below or create your own.

Picture the wind picking you up and carrying you on it’s back.

Transporting you from a place of stillness to a place of action.

Perhaps you have felt stuck, unable to move forward.

Perhaps you have been in a place of contemplation, a place of vision,

and now it’s time to act on that vision.

The wind is coming from the East, the place of the sunrise, the place of beginnings.

It whispers in your ear.

It begins to blow, filling your head, your entire body.

It may cause you to feel slightly agitated but it also invigorates you.

You feel some of your heaviness starting to fall away as the wind strips away the parts of yourself that no longer serve you.

It animates you, like an invisible magic carpet, and carries you into the North.

The North is the place of action, the place of strength, courage and determination.

The wind veers you away from your old well-worn path onto a new unfamiliar one.

You may feel irritated, fearful, vulnerable.

You sneeze.

As you whirl around down this new path you notice nature all around you,

joining you on your windy ride.

You are not alone. You have companions.

Many new tools are presented to you.

They may come to you in many guises.

They may be thoughts, ideas, realisations, visual signposts or bodily sensations.

The new path that you travel is beginning to excite you.

You may feel refreshed, cleansed, energised.

You realise that you now can move of your own accord.

You run or walk freely along the new path.

You are lighter for the things no longer needed you have left behind.

You are ready for change.

When I get caught up in the daily grind, or are feeling down I love to be reminded of the simple wonder of existence. Living in the city, we can more easily forget our connection to the Earth. We often appear to live oblivious to the fact that we are still creatures of nature and that the natural world is still all around us. If we take time to contemplate the elements around us we can find that are daily troubles are given a better perspective.

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