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The Vulture, Protective Goddess of recycling?

The vulture has been hanging around for two weeks now. She parades around behind me, looking like a cross between a chicken and E.T. Purifying the air as we walk. She assists me in decreasing my footprint, by scarfing down my past.

In her glory days, she was the emblem of Nekhbet, the Egyptian goddess, where the Upper is South. The ancients respected Nekhbet’s sacred employment. Knowledge and understanding lost to many in this busy world. With her enormous wing span the goddess in the guise of the vulture was the great protector of the Pharaoh. Golden amulets of the vulture were also placed on the throats of the dead as protection.

Today, the vulture could be an emblem for recycling, renewable energies or good old-fashioned protection, especially for women. She follows in our wakes, like a faithful and hungry pup, that nobody wants. Protecting us like a great mother bird, knowing the right time to devour that which is no longer good for this world, whilst making way for the new.

My vulture above, pressed into metal shim is going to look good as a christmas decoration this year.


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