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The magic of balance

What associations come to mind when you think of the Libran symbol of the scales?

  • Balance- Is more balance in your life something you strive for? What does it mean to be balanced? Is it moderation or is it more like the concept of taking only what you need and replacing what you have taken? Does the idea of being balanced bore you?
  • Judgment- Do you feel judged by others? Do you judge others? What does that feel like? Is it something you’d like to change either way?
  • Justice- Do you have a strong sense of justice? Did it come about from life experience, parental or peer influence? Does the scales symbol make you feel anything? eg. stir up feelings for your cause, bring up associations of injustice
  • Weighing yourself against others- Do you enjoy competing against others? Does it help you strive harder to succeed? Or do you feel something else?

The concept of Balance stood out for me at this time and found myself writing the words below. I hope you enjoy :

The weighing of my Heart

“Seek balance!”
is the common cry that reaches your ears.
The Holy Grail of meaning balanced just within reach.
In the sweet spot.

Accepting the quest you mount your steed,
galloping into the fray of adventure,
excited for discovery.
Only to fall off the other side….dead.

When Anubis weighs your heart against the feather,
will you be scolded for your behaviour like a naughty school kid?
Or will you be proud to know that you were not leaning to one side?
Deeds judged.
You were not found wanting.

The golden feather is lighter than it looks.
Fluttering heart weighs heavy in anticipation.
“Wait!” you cry.
Anubis’s eyes narrow.
His lips purse.
He’s heard this all before.

“I seek divine order!” you try to sound commanding.
“Do I not float suspended between my last breath and the silence of forever?
Is this not the perfect moment of balance?
The moment I understand all truth,
and then know nothing at all?”

Anubis smiles down at you,
indulgent, perhaps,
but is that also malice reflected in his black eyes?
“Silence!” he hisses- more commanding than you.
“I’ve seen you in your enthusiasm.”

Then mimicking your voice perfectly, he continues
“Fuck balance! Let’s play!
Let’s throw caution to the wind!
We can kick ourselves in the morning.”

Cowering behind the scales,
remembering fun times and the guilt that pursued them.
You suspect you’re in big trouble now.
You always mocked the style of confession,
and yet did you practice what you preached?

The Jackal-headed god begins to laugh.
Throwing his head back. The joke’s now on you.
He has dissected your heart and seen truth.
Dip your hand in the good deed jar and skip away…
…..with enthusiasm before he changes his mind.

Time’s up.
Your quest is complete.
Fading colour and animation reduced to carbon dust.

The point of balance is an invitation to magic.
Watch closely a tightrope walker, showing the finger to life and to death.
I imagine faeries coming out to play,
when moments of balance are created.
Moving furniture about,
or causing rifts in the space-time continuum.

Choir singers, high on harmonic waves.
The audience in rapt attention,
pulled out of their reverie unceremoniously, into a parallel universe.
With sore arses from having their chairs whipped out from under them.

So if your face droops slightly, or you spend more than you earn.
If you play too hard without a nod to the consequences,
or are obsessed with shoes,
can you claw your way back to balance;
to compensate somehow?
Or will you likely keep falling,
taking everything from the kitchen table down with you?

And is it ok to be completely imbalanced on special occasions
like birthdays and anniversaries?
Or do you have to pay the price; balance the books so to speak?
Then can you can grasp your Holy Grail in peace?

words by Ra

Happy birthday to Librans

Dear people of Libra. Happy birthday to you all! I have ceased to do my sun sign research and the sharing of gift ideas because it just didn’t feel in tune with the site in general. Your planetary alignments and general personalities have no doubt still had much influence on this week’s post. Thank you for the symbol of the scale that lead me to think about balance and the lack of it!

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