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The Heart Symbol and Motherhood

I’ve found the best way to decide what symbol to look at next is to follow my intuition and take note of what’s going on around me. I suspect I will get better at this as time goes on and I get into a flow.

So the reason for the heart is simply because I came across a tattoo of a heart within a heart whilst looking for a symbol to help my friend who is going through a difficult time coping with a six month old babe with sleep issues.

I wanted to be able to give my friend a symbol that would help her feel supported and loved by her family and friends, and for that love to flow around and through her to her daughter as well.

I liked this symbol because of the way it connects the mother’s heart to that of the the child. If a mum is feeling anxious or depressed about their role, taking time out to focus on the love that is present underneath all the responsibility and ‘doing’ that is required, can be a positive step.

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