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The Heart Amulet for life

The Heart symbol was an important aspect of the soul to the Ancient Egyptians. It was regarded as the seat of the power of life as well as the source of both good and evil thoughts.

The most important of rituals upon death was the afterlife judgement of weighing of the Heart against the feather of truth (Maat).

The shape of the ancient Heart symbol, being more realistic than our modern depiction of the heart, is reminiscent of a container or vessel, (and was often employed as such).Rather than representing love, it represents the ‘holding’ of a person’s life. Therefore it was very important for the Heart to be well protected in life and death, just as it is today.If you use a Heart amulet, look after it. Regard it seriously and do not give it away. You may request to be buried with it or if it is of sufficient size it could be the used as the urn for your ashes!Use it as a vessel to speak your life dreams and desires to, you could even write these down and place them inside (better if the inside is hollow) . When seeking answers of life direction and purpose, use your heart amulet.

Make sure though that you do not fill your Heart with misery or bad thoughts about yourself or others. This is not the place. It is the place for words of prayer and love spoken with care.

  1. Ho Ra,
    Thank you for your gift of heart, it has certainly helped with a client I will see tomorrow!!!!!

    Much love,


  2. Thanks Jennie,

    You have reminded me of the reason I set out on this project in the first place! Good luck with your client tomorrow

    Love Ra


  3. Hi Ra such a beautiful piece of writing about heat being an open vessel of holding! Beautiful metaphor love Liz


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