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The Essence of Symbols

Why am I so fascinated by symbols?

I’ve thought about this a lot and for me it boils down to their power to remind us of special stories,  people we have loved,  and special occasions. Using symbols helps communicate feelings and ideas when words sometimes fail us, or when words take up too much space.

Understanding the meaning of a symbol is like looking beyond the surface of a deep pool to mysteries beyond.

The above symbol is the alchemical symbol for the astrological sign of Taurus, the Bull. This very earthy symbol resembles the head of the horned bull or Ox. If you were strongly influenced by this sign of Taurus:

  • you might be a keen gardener or farmer.
  • You may prefer stability in life and be somewhat resistant to change.
  • You may be quite possessive of the things and people you love.

I am very much a Piscean and I identify with most qualities I read about the average Piscean, and yet I hesitate to give definitive meanings of symbols. In many cases we must consider many other aspects of a person’s life, cultural background ,likes and dislikes before we subscribe to any universal meaning.


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