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Protection Do you ever feel like hiding from the outside world? Do you ever feel vulnerable or exposed in public?  Are you in need of metaphorical protection? Bamboo is the perfect symbol to use if you want protection or you want to create a sense of privacy. As mentioned in the previous post, bamboo might be […]

This morning felt really cold for us Melbournians. I know that in many other parts of the world our experience of cold is nothing. But it’s all relative and what you are used to isn’t it? It’s the last day of Autumn (Fall) here. Tomorrow we step into the darker shades of Winter. I always […]

My husband bought me a beautiful amber pendant for my birthday and I love it. I have always had a secret desire to own and work with a piece of amber, but felt that the time and circumstance had to be right. It was an interesting adventure when we went out shopping to find the […]