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The star is a symbol that will help guide you through the dark times in your life. Linger a while, rather than racing towards the light of the sun, using your star-light to help you search for the wisdom to be found in the darkness. The star, in one form or another, is a very […]

My husband bought me a beautiful amber pendant for my birthday and I love it. I have always had a secret desire to own and work with a piece of amber, but felt that the time and circumstance had to be right. It was an interesting adventure when we went out shopping to find the […]

  The Ka was thought to be the LIFE FORCE or SPIRIT aspect of the soul. It existed independently from the bodily self. The Ancient Egyptians referred to ‘returning to one’s Ka’ or ‘travelling in the company of one’s Ka’ upon death. Imagine today the Ka being present as an ally. The Spirit guide that […]