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The star is a symbol that will help guide you through the dark times in your life. Linger a while, rather than racing towards the light of the sun, using your star-light to help you search for the wisdom to be found in the darkness. The star, in one form or another, is a very […]

You appear in perfection on the horizon of Heaven, A living disk, the origin of Life! From the moment that You rise in the eastern skies You fill all beauty with Your beauty; You are abundance, You are great and shining, rising above the land. The Great Hymn to Aton, The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt […]

  The use of candles, oil burners and even good soft lighting can be powerful tools for transforming a person’s mood. By lighting candles in a conscious manner, we enhance the likelihood of moving from an agitated or unfocussed state to one of relaxation and focus. Imagine the flame of the candle as a symbol […]