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Tag: letting go

In astrological terms we have entered the sun sign of Cancer. People born between roughly June 22 to July 23 are Cancerians. Do you have any Cancerian friends or family you want to buy a gift for? Or would you just like to get to know them a little better? Heart on their sleeve Typical Cancerians are […]

  From day one of my son attending daycare for two days a week I have fretted over the idea of him spending time away from mine or my husband’s loving protection. Despite this I really do feel that it is a healthy thing for our family, and our son is thriving. I was pondering […]

How many times can you read over the same post or work over the same artwork before you declare them finished and ready for the rest of the world? I have quite a few half-finished or ‘nearly finished’ posts and I’m wondering if there is a symbol out there that I might use at the […]