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Why am I so fascinated by symbols? I’ve thought about this a lot and for me it boils down to their power to remind us of special stories,  people we have loved,  and special occasions. Using symbols helps communicate feelings and ideas when words sometimes fail us, or when words take up too much space. […]

I have been driven to work in my studio over the past couple of days. In particular I wanted to make the Egyptian Heart amulet for a friend of mine. So due to lack of time, my writing has had to take a back seat. I have tried to discipline myself to writing a new […]

Wearing jewellery is a symbolic act. What you choose to wear may say a lot about what you believe, what is dear or important to you, and of course your taste. It makes sense that throughout history we have worn our symbols close to our bodies in the form of jewellery. That way we can […]