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Tag: goddess

The vulture has been hanging around for two weeks now. She parades around behind me, looking like a cross between a chicken and E.T. Purifying the air as we walk. She assists me in decreasing my footprint, by scarfing down my past.

There you are minding your own business,
when all of a sudden,
a blast of grey weariness greets you,
Unable to sit cross-legged on the floor anymore.

Did I say I was going to talk about the Regrets of the Dying for the next five weeks? Well I was wrong, and perhaps I violated a sacred law, decreed by the higher being running this show. “Why does she change her mind?” you may ask. A very large cow standing on her hind […]

Australia is about to have a federal election and I was thinking about how much I dislike politics, especially around election time. I hear this view mirrored often by other people through the media. Yesterday I purchased a copy of The Big Issue and Alan Attwood’s editorial struck a chord with me. He reminded me […]