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I had written many words about overcoming distraction. But I thought you might get distracted before I’ve arrived at my point. So this is my week’s offering. I get distracted easily. So I’ve made myself an amulet to remind me that, I am in the moment. I’ll wear it, so when I see it, it’ll remind […]

  The past few days I have been thinking deeply about what I am trying to do here. Grappling for the right words to express myself and trying to find my place in this enormous soup that is the blogosphere. As a result of typing in search terms such as ‘searching for meaning’ and key […]

All the different symbols of the centre: combine to suggest a mythical point where the centre of the Cosmos and the centre of Man’s life is one and the same. Tom Chetwynd, Dictionary of Symbols To remain centered in today’s chaotic world is quite a worthwhile achievement. If you are centred you are still, calm, […]

  The use of candles, oil burners and even good soft lighting can be powerful tools for transforming a person’s mood. By lighting candles in a conscious manner, we enhance the likelihood of moving from an agitated or unfocussed state to one of relaxation and focus. Imagine the flame of the candle as a symbol […]