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You appear in perfection on the horizon of Heaven, A living disk, the origin of Life! From the moment that You rise in the eastern skies You fill all beauty with Your beauty; You are abundance, You are great and shining, rising above the land. The Great Hymn to Aton, The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt […]

My husband bought me a beautiful amber pendant for my birthday and I love it. I have always had a secret desire to own and work with a piece of amber, but felt that the time and circumstance had to be right. It was an interesting adventure when we went out shopping to find the […]

  Oh wise, industrious little Honey Bee, Buzzing away in your studio of creation. Will you energise us with your song and nourish us with your honey? The bee is a perfect symbol for artists of all kinds. It’s dual nature symbolises not only the material but also the spiritual aspect of life. Working with […]