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The vulture has been hanging around for two weeks now. She parades around behind me, looking like a cross between a chicken and E.T. Purifying the air as we walk. She assists me in decreasing my footprint, by scarfing down my past.

There you are minding your own business,
when all of a sudden,
a blast of grey weariness greets you,
Unable to sit cross-legged on the floor anymore.

The Heart symbol was an important aspect of the soul to the Ancient Egyptians. It was regarded as the seat of the power of life as well as the source of both good and evil thoughts. The most important of rituals upon death was the afterlife judgement of weighing of the Heart against the feather […]

  The Ka was thought to be the LIFE FORCE or SPIRIT aspect of the soul. It existed independently from the bodily self. The Ancient Egyptians referred to ‘returning to one’s Ka’ or ‘travelling in the company of one’s Ka’ upon death. Imagine today the Ka being present as an ally. The Spirit guide that […]

To the Ancient Egyptians, the Ba, (often depicted as a hawk with a human head), represented the individual’s soul and specific personality. It takes flight from the body upon death, but would also revisit the body and reanimate it and converse with it . It was regarded as eternal and yet could slip into decay […]

I’m currently in the process of setting up my own Symbolica shop at Cafe Press to sell some of my art work and generate some income. For the sake of simplicity I’m starting with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and symbols (my favourite era by far). I am choosing glyphs that look interesting as well as say something […]