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What lies at the core? Is it a star? Is it a pentagram? Is it a tiny person? No, it’s just an ordinary apple core…..or is it just ordinary? Have you ever cut an apple breadth-wise and noticed the little five-pointed star shape at the core? Well someone long ago obviously did and because of […]

Are you excited about this years Olympic games? My six year old is so I am doing my best to embrace it, despite being totally disinterested in most sport (although I might take a peek at the gymnastics). If you’re feeling the same, why don’t we take a look underneath all the hype. Maybe we’ll […]

All the different symbols of the centre: combine to suggest a mythical point where the centre of the Cosmos and the centre of Man’s life is one and the same. Tom Chetwynd, Dictionary of Symbols To remain centered in today’s chaotic world is quite a worthwhile achievement. If you are centred you are still, calm, […]

Below are some symbols for feeling connected: TREE-connection between heaven [sky] , earth and underworld. A common symbol to work with if you wish to explore or honour different aspects of your nature. RAINBOW – the meeting of Heaven and Earth. The bridge or boundary between this world and paradise. The rainbow is the perfect […]