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What does your Virgo love to do? Apart from working hard, looking after you, cleaning the house, making lists of ‘to do’ items and then doing the things on the list? They love all that stuff, right? Do you ever wonder if they’d rather be reading a good historical novel or dining out with friends? […]

The sun is in Leo between 23rd July until 22nd August. Happy upcoming birthday to all you lovely lionesses and Lions out there! The fiery extrovert For heavens sake if your Leo was born in the Southern hemisphere, pop them on a plane and send them somewhere warm and sunny where they can parade around […]

In astrological terms we have entered the sun sign of Cancer. People born between roughly June 22 to July 23 are Cancerians. Do you have any Cancerian friends or family you want to buy a gift for? Or would you just like to get to know them a little better? Heart on their sleeve Typical Cancerians are […]

Why am I so fascinated by symbols? I’ve thought about this a lot and for me it boils down to their power to remind us of special stories,  people we have loved,  and special occasions. Using symbols helps communicate feelings and ideas when words sometimes fail us, or when words take up too much space. […]