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I had written many words about overcoming distraction. But I thought you might get distracted before I’ve arrived at my point. So this is my week’s offering. I get distracted easily. So I’ve made myself an amulet to remind me that, I am in the moment. I’ll wear it, so when I see it, it’ll remind […]

During my recent symbol therapy work (see previous posts) I received a little red magic car as a healing symbol to assist me with a particular social fear. I was delighted to receive my little red car. It reminded me of a car I loved in a book from my childhood. In the book, the […]

To the Ancient Egyptians, the Ba, (often depicted as a hawk with a human head), represented the individual’s soul and specific personality. It takes flight from the body upon death, but would also revisit the body and reanimate it and converse with it . It was regarded as eternal and yet could slip into decay […]