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Symbols for connection

Below are some symbols for feeling connected:

  • TREE-connection between heaven [sky] , earth and underworld. A common symbol to work with if you wish to explore or honour different aspects of your nature.
  • RAINBOW – the meeting of Heaven and Earth. The bridge or boundary between this world and paradise.

The rainbow is the perfect celestial bridge to walk upon in order to connect to the sky (the Heavens), the energy of the sun or the greater universe. Don’t forget it may even connect you to a pot of gold!

  • STAIRS, LADDER– Stairs and ladders are also often symbols for connecting to the sky (stairway to Heaven)- connecting us to a more masculine, directive, “getting things done” kind of energy.

Stairs and ladders can also take us down into the underworld/Mother earth connecting us to the feminine, healing, restorative and nurturing kind of energy.

  • BRIDGE, ROAD, PATH– connection between places or worlds. A tool or means for moving forward.
  • COLUMN/PILLAR (archictectual) -though usually meaning stability can be used to help us connect to our centre.
  • SMELL-connecting us to our past. Reminding us of a particular event through our senses.
  • SPIDER’S WEB & WEAVING– Invoke the web when you need to connect with your community. Feeling that we are all connected via a giant web can be reassuring, allowing us to branch out and ‘do our own thing’ whilst still feeling the presence of others.

A weaving can also be a symbol of the rich fabric of the individual strands of our lives or personalities woven together to create a whole.

  • HOLDING HANDS, EMBRACE, JEWELLERY CLASP & LINK– physical connection and support.
  • AURAS– resonance, spiritual connection.
  • RIVER– flowing from the mountain (the interior) to the sea (the exterior) the river can be a symbol for bringing internal the thoughts and feelings of the subconscious into the conscious mind.
  • DOORWAY/ GATEWAY/ HOLE– The point of connection between one state and another. From the known to the unknown, from light to dark. Invitation into the world beyond. An excellent image to use when requiring a shift out of the ordinary waking state for healing work, for instance hypnosis and trance states.
  • FOSSIL, AMBER-Connection to nature’s past.
  • ROPE- The connection between planes of existence.

  • TELEPHONE, COMPUTER, WORLD WIDE WEB- modern forms of connection with friends and the wider community.

The telephone box image for this post comes from a wonderful site called FlickrCC, a site which searches the Flickr site for free, creative commons licensed images, which is great for people like me who are always looking for images to brighten up their posts. I don’t have the time to search and check all the licenses and ask for permission for every picture. I am eternally grateful to Peter Shanks- author of FlickrCC, and all those people out there like him who are not only clever enough to create the software to fulfill a need but then go on to share it with the rest of us!

I hope I have fulfilled the CC attribution requirements properly- If you hover your mouse over the pic you should get the relevant attribution details.

  1. thanks for the kind words Robyn… I think the phone box is another symbol of connectedness, but that just might be the Dr. Who fan in me 🙂 The creative commons certainly connects us in odd ways.


  2. I agree that Creative Commons does connect us in odd and wonderful ways Peter and so does The Doctor! Great to hear you are a fan as well. I must look further into the symbolism of the TARDIS one day 🙂 Thanks again for your generous spirit.


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