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Symbol Therapy

Recently I discovered a book called Symbol Therapy by Ulli Springett and have been exploring this particular therapy for myself.

I will keep you posted on how my own personal practice is going with this method, including some tips and pitfalls I have found along the way. I have to say that so far it has been easy to fit into my daily life and even before the two weeks are up I have noticed some changes occurring (though not as I expected! – more on that in the next post)

Eight years ago I completed a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling through the IKON Institute (Ikon’s courses now delivered by the Phoenix institute here in Melbourne), and found Transpersonal Psychology a perfect modality for me to practice in the field of healing. This approach and the effect it had on my life is largely what led me to my passion for symbol work.

Ulli’s approach is quite different to the way I work with symbols on this site, and yet I think it is quite complimentary. My usual approach is to research a suitable symbol, based on historical uses, in order to assist with a person’s problem or need. The symbol is then taken away to be worked with in a way that suits the client.

With Symbol Therapy once you have defined your problem you ask your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS for a healing symbol which you then go on to work with. The difference being that the client does the work to find their own symbol by accessing their HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS rather than finding a healing symbol using their, or my, ‘ordinary waking state’ (OWS) or ‘conscious mind’.

Symbol therapy takes us into the realm of the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS first so that we are given just the right symbol for our unique and individual problem. Our Higher Consciousness is not influenced by trends, aesthetics or belief systems that don’t completely match our own.

Some people may not be familiar or comfortable with the notion of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. Symbol Therapy is based on a model of the human mind which basically has three parts: The conscious mind (everyday mind, personal mind, ordinary waking state), The unconscious mind (contains a lot more than our conscious mind, like our complete store room of experiences including lots of things we may not be aware of), and our Higher Consciousness (the universal unlimited part of ourselves that we share with every being in the universe)

You may wish to replace this term or idea with, for instance: God, Buddha, Great Spirit or whatever suits you. The most important thing you need to be able to embrace is the concept that there is a great wisdom and love out there, in us and all around us that we all have access to, every single one of us (I will continue to use the term HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in this article because that’s what I’m most comfortable with).

Our HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS has only the best of intentions for us and is most willing to direct us on our life paths if we are able to listen. Our HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS is what connects us to all other beings and it is from this assumption that we can begin to achieve our own healing.

Below is a basic outline of what the book covers and how the process works:

  • Define your problem and the associated feelings you experience.
  • Measure your suffering- a scale is provided in the book which will help you measure your progress at the end of the two week period of your practice.
  • Relaxation- learn and practice an induction that will enable you to reach a place where your body is completely relaxed but your mind is completely alert.
  • Explore your life path- find out where you are on your LIFE PATH when you are suffering from the feelings related to your particular problem.
  • Ask for a Healing symbol- This symbol should be pleasing to you and be a vibrant colour (the colour is most important). You will go on to breath through your body for two minutes at a time, twice a day for two weeks after your first session.
  • Breath your healing symbol-starting with a loving declaration for yourself in your suffering from the feelings related to your particular problem.
  • Ask for your problem symbol- This symbol is very useful for also measuring your progress at the end of the two weeks. This symbol should not be so pleasing to you but should become more so after two weeks if healing is occurring.
  • After two weeks check in with your problem symbol to note the changes. Also have a look at the scale of suffering. Your suffering should feel less.

There are many other aspects to this therapy covered in the book, such as:

  • What happens after the two weeks?
  • Working on many different problems at once.
  • Working on different aspects of deep problems.
  • What happens if the process doesn’t seem to be working etc.?

I only provided an outline for people to get an idea on whether they would like to learn more. If you would, I highly recommend purchasing the book or seeking out a Transpersonal Counsellor who can guide you in this process. If you have any questions regarding the therapy that I haven’t covered please contact me and I will do my best to answer you.

Please forgive the lack of image today but I am working on a borrowed computer (my hard drive died last week) and I don’t have access to my usual tools and images. 🙂

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