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Making the space for creative flow

Are you a creative person lacking a space of your own to simply create? Do you often think about making stuff but never seem to get around to it because practical ‘life’ gets in the way? Are you an ex artist or craftsperson who has lost your creative flow?

This post is about finding my mojo again under the pile of rubble that filled my garage.

I wish that I’d thought to take a ‘before’ shot of our dirty and cluttered garage prior to transforming most of it into my studio, but I didn’t because I lacked the faith or vision that I would realise my dream.

Originally I intended to use my home studio as a base for practicing with clients whilst working on my Masters in creative arts therapy through MIECAT in Melbourne.

If I was going to invite people to work with me in my space I was going to have to make it not only functional and tidy but comfortable as well.

I had attempted to clean the garage up several times over the years so that I might use my jewellers tools but it never led to much creative ‘flow’ at all.

In hindsight I realise that the key difference between previous attempts and my new outcome was not just cleaning out the garage but making a space that I personally enjoy being in (not rocket science, I know, but sometimes it takes a different set of circumstances to push you past old habits). I now have a space which encourages me to create. I can simply enter and start working with no barriers to my process.

Several months have passed and I’ve deferred from my studies and am enjoying more time in my studio making some jewellery again for my etsy store and commission work. All this industry has led me full circle back to this virtual place at Symbolica and it feels good to be back.

Both spaces are small but cosy and all mine.

Welcome to my studio and welcome back to my website!

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