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Maintaining your momentum

How do you react to distractions to your workflow?

Historically I have a habit of allowing breaks in my workflow, to distract me for big chunks of time, sometimes even years.

I have had trouble getting back into flow.

I’ll be very brief this week. I need to be brief because I want to maintain my momentum, despite a few internal and external distractions, such as school holidays and an argument with the cold virus.

I’ve been encouraging little mantras that have been going round and round in my head as I try to at least to get something done.

Just keep the balls in the air

First came the image. The image that popped into my head was a symbol of a juggler.

When thinking of jugglers we might think of ‘keeping the balls in the air’ or ‘keeping up the momentum’.

According to my favourite juggler when you start dropping the balls it’s a sign you’re on the verge of ‘getting it’- so don’t give up. It’s the worst time to give up. If you do you’ll miss out on the fruits of your labour.

Just keep swimming

I overheard a swimming teacher the other day reminding his little students of Dory’s mantra “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming”. I’ve found myself reciting her mantra many times this week, always with a laugh. Dory was a simple fish with a big heart from the movie Finding Nemo. She had some insightful ideas on how to get on in life and suggested that when life gets you down do something you love to do and keep the momentum going.

Make good art

Finally this leads us to an inspiring piece of art work by Neil Gaiman, forwarded to me from Zen pencils. Gaiman too encourages us to keep doing and make the very best you can out of a difficult situation. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not the message is still the same. Don’t stop doing what it is you love to do.

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