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Luscious Leos and Leo-nesses

The sun is in Leo between 23rd July until 22nd August. Happy upcoming birthday to all you lovely lionesses and Lions out there!

The fiery extrovert

For heavens sake if your Leo was born in the Southern hemisphere, pop them on a plane and send them somewhere warm and sunny where they can parade around in skimpy clothing and dance all night whilst sipping the finest champagne.

You might want to throw in an elaborate new wardrobe of the finest quality clothes and some serious gold jewellery to match!

If your Leo lives in the Northern hemisphere and is already basking in the sun well hey you’ll save on air fares and have lots more money to spend on all the bling.

How to look after your Leos on their birthday
  • Put your Leo at the absolute centre of attention, and you’ll be ok.
  • Send them skydiving.
  • Honour them with a fireworks display.
  • Take them to a five-star hotel.
  • Buy them expensive makeup.
  • Hire them a luxury fast car for the day.
  • If they are more artistically inclined, which I believe some are, buy them a huge canvas and some large pots of vibrant paint and let them go to town.
  • Let them play.
  • Leos are also very hardworking and ambitious so any gadget or tool that will help them climb their chosen career ladder will get you the growl of approval.
  • The alchemical symbol for Leo looks like a beautifully formed earring hook (no wonder they like jewellery).


  • If your Leo is a child, they too will love being the centre of attention (what kid doesn’t) so throw them a glam dress up theme party!

Summer Leo or Winter Leo?

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun. If born in the colder areas of the planet you might class them as ‘Winter Leos’.

According to Alice Portman, astrologer:

Leo is always Leo, but in the Southern Hemisphere it is a winter Leo and this seasonal change affects the manifestation of the sign.

This means your Leo can still have the fiery extroverted qualities of a typical Leo but the cold weather may temper those tendencies.

What might that look like in a character I wonder?

A real go getting extroverted big achiever… at home?
A glamorous chef with a diamond encrusted spatula?

Just kidding Winter Leos. They are the most beautiful high-heeled Ugg boots I’ve ever seen.

Summer Leos, time to roll over. You don’t want an uneven tan do you.

Dear Leos if you find yourself misrepresented by the above please remember that the character assessment is relevant only to the amount of Leo you have in you- there are many other influential factors to your personality.

Do you have any Luscious Leos in your life?

What are you going to do for them this year?

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