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Which direction?

Which path shall we take first? The high road or the low road? The path of magic or the path of meditation?

These days we are faced by many choices and sometimes those choices can freeze us into non-action. Well I’m just going to take one foot in front of the other, trust my intuition, and let the whole thing unfold.

The above image of the arrow is interesting not just for its striking capture of vivid yellow, but for the scratched out arrow going the opposite way. Which direction to take indeed? Right or left. Left it is for now.

The arrow is a symbol for direction.  I associate the arrow with the direction of the East, the sky, purpose and of course direction. The Sun rises in the East, heralding a new day. It is a place of birth, new ideas. The Arrow of your new idea or enterprise is launched from the East. It can take us beyond the waking stage into life.

The arrow symbol has a very masculine quality. I wonder what an arrow of feminine qualities would look like?

What does the image of the arrow mean for you?

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