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How to Make a Virgo Happy on Their Birthday

What does your Virgo love to do? Apart from working hard, looking after you, cleaning the house, making lists of ‘to do’ items and then doing the things on the list?

They love all that stuff, right?

Do you ever wonder if they’d rather be reading a good historical novel or dining out with friends?

Even though they may seem to live and breathe order, a smoothly running household, and looking after others any way they can, they sometimes get mighty grumpy when engaging in these activities don’t they?

I bet you know why too don’t you! Yes you do.

People who value order and cleanliness more than others still need to be acknowledged for the effort they put in. It’s easy to take them for granted but we do reap the benefits don’t we.

If we take some time out to thank our Virgo loved ones for their effort, we might make our lives a little rosier, as well as theirs of course.

If we acknowledge their efforts on a regular basis with a thank you or a hug, we might even get away with being less than perfect- most of the time.

So I suggest kicking them out of the house, to do something fun for the day, whilst you and the rest of the family pitch in and clean up. I will go further to suggest that you might draw up a weekly plan for everyone in the family to pitch in, as support for your over-achieving Virgo.

If your family likes playing games I suggest you look at this fun online game called Chorewars. It’s a perfect platform to get the kids happily involved in doing little things around the house whilst earning virtual points.

Other birthday gift ideas

  • Anything that requires effort on your behalf and none on theirs.
  • A precision tool related to a favourite pastime.
  • Any tool that makes the effort less.
  • A trip to a spa to encourage them to relax and stop fretting over the things they ‘should’ do.
  • David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity– the bible for those who love effective to do lists.
  • Anything that assists with organising their homes eg. a whole stack of Tupperware storage containers (though you’ll have to use discretion- not many people like receiving gifts that are ultimately so they can look after you better)

Now I have read a bit in the past week about a typical Virgo trait as being highly critical of others. I’ve also read from a Virgo point of view that this criticism stems from worry for the other person and their wellbeing. For some people being criticised at every turn is a deal breaker and will not lead to a jot of thanks.

So I suggest to you dear Virgos, if this sounds like you, then you might try to meet your loved ones half way. Be clear about how you feel and what you need . You need to trust them and allow them to take care of themselves as well.

Ode to a Virgo

Precise, organised, efficient, Virgo.
We bow down,
to honour all the hard work you do.

Perhaps you feel we take you for granted.
Probably we do.
Bitter sweet clouds,
reflect upon our floors.

Do not punish us for our slackness.
Do not think less of us for colouring outside the lines.

I don’t see the trees for the forest.
You don’t see the forest for the trees.
There’ll always be forests,
and trees to hide your nakedness behind.

Let’s meet in the clearing.
Map out a plan.
Jewel up rewards.
Hugs and kisses at the end of the day.

Don’t worry about me dear Virgo,
we are not the same.
Accept this and breathe.

But today on this, Your special day,
go out and enjoy some well deserved play.

  1. It’s good for us virgos to stop making lists for a minute and reflect… Happy birthday to us all!!


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