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How to ‘Be in the Moment’

I had written many words about overcoming distraction.
But I thought you might get distracted before I’ve arrived at my point.
So this is my week’s offering.

I get distracted easily.
So I’ve made myself an amulet to remind me that,
I am in the moment.

Amulet sigil design by Ra 2012

I’ll wear it, so when I see it,
it’ll remind me that,
I am still in the moment.

When I stop noticing my amulet,
because I’m distracted,
I’ll make a different one

Maybe a neon one,
maybe  fluorescent.
Maybe it’ll deliver a mild electric shock,
every time my mind wanders

Anything to bring me back to the moment.
Anything to stop me from  clambering blindy over my ‘nows’,
to get to my non existent futures.

So what value you may ask,
is an amulet that just reminds you?
Doesn’t it do anything else?
Is it a magic way,
to change a lifelong habit?

Not likely.
Anything worth its weight,
doesn’t come that easy.

It is a reminder to work,
to connect,
to build a foundation,
to believe,
and to keep repeating,
until its job is done.

Grind it into your soul.
Embrace it like a long lost brother.
It will be a great ally,
and then it will fade away,
when it’s no longer needed.

If you want an amulet made to remind yourself of something Contact me I’m right here in THIS MOMENT 🙂

  1. I also want one that reminds me to be in the moment…as a bracelet so I can see it easily 🙂


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