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Five great symbols plus gift ideas for a typical Cancerian

In astrological terms we have entered the sun sign of Cancer.

People born between roughly June 22 to July 23 are Cancerians.

Do you have any Cancerian friends or family you want to buy a gift for?

Or would you just like to get to know them a little better?

Heart on their sleeve

Typical Cancerians are often proud to wear their heart on their sleeve. They are the first to laugh but also the first to cry.

I know a few Cancerian men and honestly I wouldn’t particularly apply this quality to them . Of course I may not know them well enough, they may have other stronger planetary influences over them, or they might have a number of external influences on them.

– When they are outside their home environment, Cancerians are said to behave quite  differently, so perhaps they are much more likely to display their watery side among their nearest and dearest.

Cancer, along with the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Pisces, belongs to the astrological element of water. Water in turn represents feelings and these three signs make sense of the world through their feelings. Personal relationships and human values are of utmost importance for these watery signs as well.

Related gift ideas
  • A heart pendant or charm on a silver bracelet or leather could be just the thing. (the colour and metal silver is also associated with the Cancerian).
  • A heart painted, printed or sewn on the sleeve of a garment.

‘Hearts on my sleeve’ Costume jewellery cuff by Ra 2012

The moon

The moon rules over the sun sign Cancer. Alchemist associated the moon symbol with the metal silver.  Silver is also associated closely with the sign of Cancer.

Receptive and responsive, Feminine, Silver, nurturing and maternal instincts.

Some Cancerian men may worry when I associate these kinds of qualities with their sign but to have these aspects within your masculine shell-  well hey you would make the greatest of partner for anyone. We need more of the yin inside the Yang in this world. Don’t you think?

Related gift ideas
  • Combine moonstone and silver in a piece of jewellery.
  • moonstones
  • Anything silver
  • A telescope to gaze at the moon and stars.
  • A trip to a beach at night when the full moon will be rising above the horizon. (see Broome’s stairway to the moon).
  • A one way trip to the moon in a silver spaceship- If they have everything and are possibly a bit annoying.

The Crab or Crayfish

I’ve always associated the crab with Cancer but I find out that that’s somewhat of an old association and the Crayfish more closely connected these days. Oh well they are similar- take your pick I guess. Both being a creatures of the sea and needing to shed their exoskeletons we’ll focus on these aspects here.

Does your Cancerian like to cast off the old for the new? Or are they reluctant to let go of some things that don’t fit them anymore or no longer serve them?

Do they love lounging around in water?

Do they like to immerse themselves in a good book?

Are they slightly thoughtful creatures?

Related gift ideas
  • A good novel to immerse themselves in.
  • A trip to a spa
  • Something to encourage a new beginning- a replacement for something old, perhaps past it’s use by date but the Cancerian is reluctant to part with.
  • A good seafood meal may take them to heaven or make them feel like they are eating their cousins!

The shell

The home and family are very important to the typical Cancerian. They may love to go out and play but they will delight even more when they return back home nesting among their loved ones. They like to live in cosy, sometimes den-like homes.

Their protective natures might lead them to respond well to protective kinds of symbols like the Bamboo.

Related gift ideas
  • A family portrait in a frame inlaid with shell to remind them of their connections to family and the sea.
  • A bamboo plant for their front garden to offer some protection from the outside world.
  • A soft accessories or furniture to make their home more cosy.
  • Have a family symbol designed.

The zodiac symbol for Cancer

I love the simple, yet infinitely interesting lines of the original zodiac symbols. I don’t know about you but I didn’t grow up associating them with their corresponding signs. We grew up with the animal associations.

Related gift ideas
  • Anything with this lovely symbol painted, sewn, etched or carved on.

hand painted long sleeved t-shirt by Ra 2012

I’m thinking I might make a series of the ‘meaningful gift ideas for star signs’ because when I research a symbol for the week, especially when I’m relating it to a particular group of people, I naturally start imagining gift ideas for them.

Let me know if this could be helpful to you. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Cancer symbol Jewellery sketch ideas by Ra 2012

If  any of the images of ideas or objects made by me (Ra) interest you, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, and we can discuss making something special for you.


  1. I definitely think making a series of star signs, meanings and gift ideas is a good idea. I have actually found this really helpful in planning some gifts for friends. I would love to have this input for future signs 🙂


    • Thanks Sarah, I will definitely get to work on the other signs. I enjoyed creating this kind of post and hope the following posts will be equally helpful.


  2. […] mentioned in the previous post, bamboo might be a great gift for someone born under the sign of Cancer because many Cancerians liken their homes to a cosy den; a place to rest up with their family in […]


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