Stories woven through. Remembrance against despair. Let your charm serve you.

Can we make death more acceptable?

What can we do in modern western society to help improve our inevitable experiences with DEATH?

Can we better prepare ourselves by enriching the experience through art and/or ritual?

Why is death so hard for most of us to accept when it is the one certainty of a life’s journey?

I’m speaking from a non-religious Western cultural perspective because that’s where I come from, but I am aware that people from different religions and cultures do have some practices in place that make their relationship to death more palatable.

I’d like to explore some ideas, continuing on with the Ancient Egyptian theme of the soul, over the next coming weeks and I invite anyone out there to share their death dealing stories or recipes.

Below are some quick links I found related to Death and dying:

A Natural death site from the UK with all types of information about more ecological funerals and burials. Even though a lot of the information is UK specific, there are relevant links for people in other countries as well.

Life Art, a company based in Australia who make eco-coffins which can be painted.

I’ve since also found cardboard coffins from this company in Australia called Leaving Lightly.

Ecopods are some of the coolest looking coffins I’ve seen. Again they are biodegradable. The company is based in the UK.

The deathclock site is funny though a bit spooky and coud be a good wake up call for some.

I also found this really great article by Celebrant, Pamela Gray about her thoughts and ideas on how to create a funeral personal and special.

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