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This week I wanted to talk about chairs but I resisted talking about chairs because they seemed to me like an odd-ball topic for symbolic examination. Whilst busying myself trying to find something else to write about, I discovered these words I’d written in an art therapy assignment: “Experiential art therapy is not about solving […]

How do you react to distractions to your workflow? Historically I have a habit of allowing breaks in my workflow, to distract me for big chunks of time, sometimes even years. I have had trouble getting back into flow. I’ll be very brief this week. I need to be brief because I want to maintain […]

What associations come to mind when you think of the Libran symbol of the scales? Balance- Is more balance in your life something you strive for? What does it mean to be balanced? Is it moderation or is it more like the concept of taking only what you need and replacing what you have taken? […]

The Teachings of Obi-Wan So I’m wandering around, feeling all fragile and blue. You saunter in the back door, in your soft fur coat, calling out to whoever’s there. “I’m home! Where are you all?” “I’m here right in front of you!” I reply with a smile. I’m laughing at you. Cos your lovely and […]

What lies at the core? Is it a star? Is it a pentagram? Is it a tiny person? No, it’s just an ordinary apple core…..or is it just ordinary? Have you ever cut an apple breadth-wise and noticed the little five-pointed star shape at the core? Well someone long ago obviously did and because of […]

Do you experience those moments when you to find yourself looking at an ordinary, everyday thing or behaviour in a completely different way and ask ‘Why?’ Living without the dishwasher This week it happened to me when our dishwasher broke down…again. In the beginning there was no time for questions. A sense of urgency had […]

What does your Virgo love to do? Apart from working hard, looking after you, cleaning the house, making lists of ‘to do’ items and then doing the things on the list? They love all that stuff, right? Do you ever wonder if they’d rather be reading a good historical novel or dining out with friends? […]

Do you find the transition between Winter and Spring hard to bear ? Do you find that you often get sick at this time of the year? Well it could be rampant viral bugs flying through the air or it could be a reluctance to leave your warm blankies, and you may be an introvert. Either […]

I had written many words about overcoming distraction. But I thought you might get distracted before I’ve arrived at my point. So this is my week’s offering. I get distracted easily. So I’ve made myself an amulet to remind me that, I am in the moment. I’ll wear it, so when I see it, it’ll remind […]

A message from Imbolc Below is a letter I received from my Great Aunt Jessie who is Symbolica’s roving traveller of time and place . Her mission is to send us the occasional report of her unique findings related to meaning and symbols. Oh dear the weather here in Melbourne was chilly but gorgeous on […]