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An island, Symbol for consciousness


The past few days I have been thinking deeply about what I am trying to do here. Grappling for the right words to express myself and trying to find my place in this enormous soup that is the blogosphere. As a result of typing in search terms such as ‘searching for meaning’ and key words like ‘values’ and ‘symbols’ I found myself at this site following Steve Pavlina’s guidlines for looking at my values and my current goals and seeing if they are compatible. The exercise was a bit laborious but ultimately helpful and I am left feeling more on track than I have in the past few weeks.
I discovered that one important goal for me right now is to become more focussed, aware, and conscious. I’ve always been a dreamer. I can drift from one thing to another for long periods of time, and as much as I might enjoy the sensation of the day dreamy state, I would love to achieve a lot more. This holds a great deal of value for me at the moment and I’m grateful for the process to be able to identify that.

Of course me still essentially being me I next found myself searching for a symbol to represent awareness and consciousness. In my favourite reference book Reverse Symbolism Dictionary for such research I found the the idea of an island being an appropriate symbol for the conscious mind being surrounded by water, symbolising the uncounscious mind. Oh I instantly felt that tingle you feel when something resonates well, as in my mind I was imagining a trianglular shape (outline of a meditating figure) This suited me perfectly!
So today I spent some time making this image of the island and I even spent 10 minutes practicing my old Vipassana meditation.
Does anyone have any other suggestions for symbols that they use to remind them of, or they use to illicit awareness, the concious mind, focus?

  1. Ooh yes, when I read certain theory especially poststructural deconstructionist stuff I get that same tingle and excitement – I just know it has opened up up a synapse or two and that there is a wealth of material and info and learning about to happen in my brain and body!!!

    For me focus is about being able to go underneath… perhaps there is a symbol in that? I suspect that words are the most important symbols and signs for me…


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