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Amulets by Ra

I have been driven to work in my studio over the past couple of days. In particular I wanted to make the Egyptian Heart amulet for a friend of mine. So due to lack of time, my writing has had to take a back seat. I have tried to discipline myself to writing a new post every week and completing at least one design for my Cafe Press store. When the desire to go into the workshop gripped me I was worried that I would become too distracted and break my pace. I found though that by deviating off my regular path and doing what I felt a strong desire to do, I have felt truer to my goal of bringing the magical world of symbols and their uses into the modern world. My personal path feels like it is becoming clearer and gaining strength.

If you would like to have an amulet made you are most welcome to contact me via e-mail. (go to the contact page)

I work in many different materials and I love to explore new ones. I also love researching symbols to suit particular requirements. There is no limit really, only time constraints, so for now I do like to keep the amulets quite simple.


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