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A Symbol as an Incentive to finishing a Task

How many times can you read over the same post or work over the same artwork before you declare them finished and ready for the rest of the world?

I have quite a few half-finished or ‘nearly finished’ posts and I’m wondering if there is a symbol out there that I might use at the end of each post to help me let it go. Below are a few obvious ways to indicate the ending or to celebrate the completion of a project.

  • A signature
  • The End
  • A gold Star
  • A rubber stamp
  • A tick
  • A knife and fork lined up together on a plate
  • A chocolate
  • A cigarette
  • A simple flourish

For me, whatever it is, it needs to feel like a reward to look forward to, an incentive to finishing the task at hand.

Do you reward yourself when you complete a task? If so how? Could you be creative with that reward? Could you symbolise the good feelings you experience when you achieve a goal? Could you use that symbol as an incentive to remind you of those satisfied feelings when you are having trouble finishing a task.

For me, when I complete a task I do feel satisfied and proud. I usually also find myself looking forward to starting the next project. Humour is an important part of my life, so when brainstorming this question for myself I kept coming up with fun things like my son’s stamps- so I think I’ll use them for now.

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