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A Message from a Sacred Cow

Did I say I was going to talk about the Regrets of the Dying for the next five weeks? Well I was wrong, and perhaps I violated a sacred law, decreed by the higher being running this show.

“Why does she change her mind?” you may ask.

A very large cow standing on her hind legs, wearing pink knitted sleeves, loomed over me and gave me a right ticking off the other night, that’s why.

Having spent some time trying to decipher her message, I arrived at the conclusion that by making this particular promise, I created a serious blockage in my creative flow, by not allowing things to arise and be written about as needed. The result was not just a visit from this cow, but a virtual stampede of cows and mik and related themes over the next few nights.

Life is too short.

So what am I going to write about today then?

Cows of course

Hathor at the Dendera temple, Upper by Ra 1982.

These days we associate cows with humility, endurance and the maternal principle as they are of course great providers to human-kind.

But I think the cow’s truly powerful symbolism has been lost due to large scale farming, and our general disconnecion from the earth. My ‘cow in the pink cardigan’ messenger was no humble servant though. She was more of the Hathor- Ancient Egyptian, powerful mother of all women, kind of cow. She had a serious message to convey.

In addition to guiding my creative flow, she was warning me to not  give away my own feminine strength and principles, in order to live according to a male perspective, especially in business.

What about you? Do you resonate with the cow goddess’s message? Are you living according to your own principles or that of another’s?

By asking this question of you, and myself, I have just recognised that I have in fact followed on from last weeks theme after all! If you haven’t already go back and have a look at regret number one of the dying.

Hathor- Ancient Egyptian Cow Goddess

Sterling Silver Hathor pendant made by Ra 2012 for sale at Symbolica’s Etsy store

Hathor was one of the most commonly worshipped goddesses in ancient Egypt. She was sometimes depicted entirely as a cow but often she was a beautiful woman with the ears of a cow. Women in even the most primitive tribes wore amulets depicting the image of Hathor to ensure their own fertility. She was principally a Mother Goddess, representing divine motherhood. The ancient women believed she assisted them to conceive and she also helped them in childbirth. She represented to the Ancient people different aspects of the symbol of the cow, Fertility, Wealth, Rebirth, The mother, heavenly mother of the sun.

Uses For Today

The symbol of the cow, especially in the guise as the ancient Egyptian Goddess, Hathor, is a great symbol to work with if you are experiencing any difficulties or fears regarding fertility or childbirth. She connects us to the sacred mother of creation within us. She protects and nurtures us and helps to ease our fears.

She is also very appropriate to use as a symbol to help us give birth to new ideas, or to simply celebrate the feminine within us.

Because of her close affiliation with the moon, another very feminine symbol, she will work especially well with you under a full or new moon.

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