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A gift of Cat qualities

The Teachings of Obi-Wan

So I’m wandering around,
feeling all fragile and blue.
You saunter in the back door,
in your soft fur coat,
calling out to whoever’s there.

“I’m home! Where are you all?”
“I’m here right in front of you!”
I reply with a smile.

I’m laughing at you.
Cos your lovely and funny,
and sometimes a bit dim.

You don’t seem to notice,
I don’t think you’d care if you did.

No… your self-assured swagger speaks volumes.
You don’t need my praise.
You like it though.
That’s one thing I love,
and I’ll put that in my pocket,
to remember for later.

Weaving through my legs,
we are keyed into the present.
You and I.
Continuous yammering,
whilst you weave.
“Pussy cat pussy cat, where have you been?”
“What have you seen?”

‘Cos I don’t speak cat.
I attempt to read your eyes,
for stories and conversation.

Are there traces of ancient tales,
buried in that far away gaze?
Passed down through the ages,
mixed in with news of our neighbours.

“That’s enough!” you rebuff
held gaze broken.
You stalk away through the house
Like a detective.
Looking for clues.

I follow you,
‘cos I need something you’ve got
that I haven’t,

Enduring my clutch,
with play bite and raspy tongue.
Squirming to leap from my neediness,
escaping to higher ground.

Looking down upon me,
an eagle perch of repose on my bookshelf.
Your body starts to purr.
All engines on.
“I am exactly where I want to be right now” you sigh
Draping fur and flesh,
collapsed in liquid form.

I find myself laughing again.
More robust now.
The lesson is over.

First, for a bath,
to find my peace.
Leap beyond with caution,
into my adventure,
Wearing the outside world,
like my fur coat.

The observer.
The adventurer.
The story-teller.
The one who knows where to be at the right time.

Cat doodles in ink and wire by Ra 2012

Teachings and positives of the Cat:

  • Soft fur- If you are feeling lonely or blue and have a willing cat, pop it on your lap and stroke it’s soft fur. Generally you’ll find yourself in a win-win situation as many cats love a cuddle and a firm pat.
  • Graceful- generally very quiet (of body), you’ll probably see your cat before you hear him. Are you clumsy? Do you find yourself losing things or forgetting how you got from point A to point B? Then take a look at the way the cat moves, rather like a dancer. They are very thoughtful in their movements. I doubt that they are ever conversing in their heads, whilst negotiating a leap over the back fence.
  • Purr- How do you express yourself when you are content? Do you make a point of sharing with those around you how happy you are to be in this place at this time?
  • Intense eyes- Cat’s eyes speak of exotic far away lands, mystery and magic. They come in lots of beautiful colours, and I challenge you to gaze into them and see if you see an ancient Egyptian reflected back at you (or it might be your neighbour).
  • Flexible- Oh so flexible! They remind us that we all should probably be practicing our Yoga, or at least stretching well when we get up or change position. What cat gets up from their bed without a good old stretch?
  • Whiskers- The cat’s whiskers are ultra sensitive, and can detect even the slightest change in wind direction. Imagine if we had something like a cat’s whiskers that could give us an electronic read out of what was up ahead. For example, someone’s mood, their vital statistics or how best to negotiate with them- that sort of thing.
  • Observers- Have you ever noticed how long your cat spends watching the world go by? Spending more time contemplating and observing can help us to make more informed actions.
  • Independent- Cats are generally luckier than dogs these days because they have more freedom to roam beyond their yards. Dogs are much more dependent on humans and are bound to them through choice. Cats of course vary widely in their personalities, but are often much more self-contained and able to care for themselves or take up residence elsewhere if they are not having their needs met at home. If you need to break away from a less than ideal situation at home, look to the cat for some survival tips.
  • Playful- Even my very old cat gets ‘the mads’ occasionally. She’s quite a serious one and yet is still capable of ‘flights of fancy’. We all need to do something crazy, and out of character, from time to time. If you are down, depressed or bored, practicing doing something actively crazy as your cat does is sure to get your temperature up if nothing else.
  • Artists of resting- They rest so well and so often. There’s nothing wrong with a little cat nap during the day if you need it. Breaking up your day with some deep relaxing breaths so that you may recharge your mind and body is also worthwhile.

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