Stories woven through. Remembrance against despair. Let your charm serve you.


Exploring & Creating Personal Charms & Symbols

  • An inspiration found by a river
  • Indian-inspired drop Earrings
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Your Personal charm is created in response to your needs, desires and story. It can serve you in many ways: * To help you remember. * To honour something. * To serve as an ally. * To connect you to that which holds meaning for you. * And yes all of these services will help you access your good fortune. Follow the link above or Call Robyn on 0408055493.

Would you like to learn to some basic jewellery techniques? Would you like to make your own charm or amulet?

If you are looking for handmade jewellery to buy skip on over to my Etsy store or contact me directly if you would like to discuss having something made for you.

Jewellery. Transpersonal. Creative Art Therapy
  • An inspiration found by a river
  • Indian-inspired drop Earrings
  • Art therapy image 1
Symbols and stories from life
  • “Art Therapy: The Movie is a feature documentary about the innovative ways art is being used around the world to overcome emotional challenges and traumatic experiences. Make this film possible through Kickstarter!”

  • What if the next object you bring home is a direct response to a personal desire, a need to remember a strength or quality you have, or even a loved one?

  • The vulture has been hanging around for two weeks now. She parades around behind me, looking like a cross between a chicken and E.T. Purifying the air as we walk. She assists me in decreasing my footprint, by scarfing down my past.

  • "Robyn worked with me in a compassionate and calm way. She really seemed interested in what I had to tell her. I really loved it when she invited me to express myself with pastels on paper when I was struggling to find my words. It was very freeing and fun. Her studio was full of tools and art materials of all descriptions. I love my charm"

    Mary L

  • Thanks for my charm Ra! I wear it around my neck everyday!

    Jodie G